At St Margaret’s our first priority is to our own parish and our parishioners; but we don’t stop there as we support both National and International initiatives.

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But we don’t draw a line at the boundary and refuse to cross it (in an ecumenical sense). We work closely with our colleagues at St Clement’s, St James and St Barnabas to serve the whole of Leigh-on-Sea.

The Parish boundaries for St Margaret’s extend from Tattersall Gardens in the west to Kingswood Chase/Farleigh Drive in the east. The southern border is Thames Drive whilst Prittlewell Brook marks our northern boundary.

Many of our regular congregation live outside of the Parish but prefer to worship at St Margaret’s.

We offer a full range of services (for more details, look at our Services page) as well as support for all Life Events (again, for more details, look at our Life Events page)

On a national level, we fully support the Church of England in its mission and initiatives to propagate the Christian way of life.

On an international level, we support specific initiatives as and when called

We participate in a number of church organisations as follows:

  • Churches Together in Leigh-on-Sea
  • Fellow Mission & Ministry Units Churches in the Hadleigh Deanery
  • Our Lady of Walsingham – monthly services with local churches and with an annual pilgrimage to the Shrine in Walsingham. Please see our Walsingham page for more details

We also support a number of Charities on a regular basis.

Those looking at our Annual Accounts, may consider our charitable giving to be rather low – BUT the bulk of our charitable support is given directly by the congregation to the Charities and so does not register in the Church’s accounts. Amongst those charities we support on a regular basis are:

  • HARP – Southend’s own charity for the homeless. We support HARP by the congregation making weekly donations of goods/clothes as requested by HARP (HARP)
  • Christian Aid – the international Christian charity fighting poverty which is supported mainly through its annual giving week (Christian Aid)
  • Children’s Society -close to all our hearts, the Children’s Society is supported by regular fund raising events throughout the year (Children’s Society)

St Margaret’s Church – its history

A detailed Guide to St Margaret’s Church is available to download