Finance & Giving

St Margarets - Leigh

Along with all other churches, St Margaret’s is in need of constant maintenance and development. Additionally we have to fund the services of our priest, Fr David, and his accommodation.

Much of the cost of St Margaret’s is funded centrally but in return, we pay a “Parish Purse” to the Church of England (CofE). The calculation by the CofE of our Parish Purse is complex but is aimed at the more wealthy Parishes subsidising those not as fortunate to ensure that there is a church near you.

Funds are also required to assist us in our role within and developing our services for the local community

We aim to maintain St Margaret’s for the future – wouldn’t it be a tragedy if our beautiful church wasn’t here for your children’s baptism? Or their  wedding?

What does it cost to run St Margaret’s

In basic terms, the annual cost in 2017/8 was £121,000. For more details, please look at our Annual Accounts

How do we finance St Margaret’s

  • Stewardship – regular giving under the Gift Aid scheme by our congregation. Even if you are not a regular churchgoer, you can still join our Stewardship scheme by contacting one of our Churchwardens (Anne Mills & Peter Fisher)
  • Ad Hoc fund raising – through our many and varied fund raising activities. For example, the May Fair, Michaelmas Fayre, Quiz Nights etc. You can help St Margarets by attending these events; just keep your eyes on our web site for details of upcoming events
  • Should you wish to make a donation to St Margaret’s in your Will, then you should talk to a local solicitor to make the correct arrangements. If you are not sure what’s involved, then please contact either Father David or one of our Churchwardens (Anne Mills & Peter Fisher) who will be pleased to assist
  • If you wish to make a one-off donation to Saint Margaret’s then please send a cheque to Fr David at

St Margaret of Antioch Church of England

Lime Avenue

Friends of St Margaret’s

Why not consider becoming a Friend of St Margaret’s and help us in a very practical way? For more details, see the Friends page

Enough of money!

St Margaret’s is always grateful for money donation BUT we are more grateful when people offer their time and talents to the church. Examples of this are:

  • a parishioner who is always available to help with small painting jobs
  • a lady who is not a parishioner but, who gives her time to organising the Edward Bear Club (our Mother & Toddler Group)
  • the many people who run the uniformed organisations associated with St Margaret’s

If you would like to help at St Margaret’s in any way and are not certain how to go about it, please contact our secretary, Nick Harris on 07759 639643 or by email