Station 14 – Jesus is placed in the tomb

14 Jesus is placed in the tomb

“Work hard and you’ll get results” we are told. We don’t expect blame or punishment for doing our best. Jesus spent his life preaching, healing helping others especially “outcasts”. He promised good things to those who followed him. Now it’s a graphic reality dead from the cross, seemingly nothing good at all. Sorrow failure and abandonment seem better words.


Prayer. Jesus forgive us those times we have measured our success by the applause of others than the eyes of God. Helps us to see beyond the surface with faith. Teach us how to follow you.

Often Christians will now gather around an altar where we celebrate communion or the mass. The table or altar reminds us of a tomb Jesus’s tomb – but the tomb is empty for Jesus is risen. He defeats death and faces the worst the world can offer with the best that God can offer – himself in love. He lives in heaven he lives in you and me. Alleluia He is risen he is risen indeed alleluia.

An Easter prayer.

Jesus we know your story did not end in the tomb on Good Friday. Your “failure” is turned to victory on Easter morning when we see that love is stronger than hate and your light stronger than any darkness. Give us courage to follow you through the realities of life confident in the power and promise of God’s love in your name. Amen