Station 11 – Jesus is nailed to the cross

11 Jesus is nailed to the cross

Sometimes we do things that are ugly and wrong. We say and do things we know in our hearts are wrong – sometimes after the heat of the moment.  Jesus was the victim of anger and jealousy. He had stirred up the people. He had said and done different things. “Remove the log from your own eye before seeking the splinter in someone else’s”, “forgive your enemies” and “it’s what comes out of a person that makes them unclean not what they eat”. He accepted all people equally and now was paying the price. Innocent the crowd egged them on he is nailed to the cross.


Prayer. Jesus forgive us for the times we have “nailed others to the cross” because they challenged accepted and wrong ways of speaking and doing. Help us to love and value others as you did. Teach us to follow you.