LENT PROGRAMME – for full details of Easter programme, go to the KEY DATES page

1. A Lent study book is available. It is £2.50 and entitled “The Kingdom of God is Justice and Peace” it follows the Egyptian Coptic church keeping of Lent with on the Gospel theme of Justice and Peace. This may be used individually or as part of a group reflection that will take place during open church on Thursday afternoons. Other Lent devotions will be announced shortly.

2. Thursday afternoons 14:30-15:30 prayer and study group following the book in 1 above. Please note that the day will switch to WEDNESDAY in Room 2 from 15th March

3. Lenten Lunch: there will be a simple lent lunch available before open church on Thursdays (proceeds to Embrace the Middle East charity)

4. Evensong and Benediction Sunday 18:00 (26th February, 12th March, 19th March and 26th March)

5. Stations of the Cross Fridays 19:00 3rd March and 24th March