Assuming assistance from parishioners is forthcoming my hope is that we will open the church on Sundays (commencing Sunday 5th July) which will include our usual 08:00 (30 Mins) and 10:00 (50 mins) and perhaps also a regular 05:30 (40 mins) for family groups if required and Thursday Mornings (commencing Thursday 9th July) which will include our 09:30 mass (25 mins) .  One person needs to be physically present and supervising in church at all times. 

NOTE – if you wish to attend a non-Public Service, please email Father David 24 hours beforehand

Safety and Sustainability: The presence of willing and able parishioners is sought to make this sustainable. Having the two days a week allows for confidence in safety as 72 hours is left between each church opening as a safe sanitising period which does not require deep cleaning.


  1. Numbers. Whilst weddings and funerals are restricted to 30 people it is not clear this also applies to other church gatherings. However we will use it as a guideline. Being blessed with a large and airy building and with more than 200 seats set as you have already seen them this should not be a problem. 
  2. If possible please give your name and number in your party and which service you intend to attend to Carol Dowsett 07415271458.  If you intend to make it weekly there is no need to keep “booking” we just need to have a broad control and knowledge of numbers.
  3. Any key holder to the church or Church hall must give prior notice of their intention to use our buildings except in the case of emergency so that our safety protocols are adhered to.
  4. The Main Sunday 10:00 mass will continue in the manner it has been streamed this last few months but mercifully officially open to a real as well as virtual congregation.
  5. All services will be conducted from the main nave altar.
  6. There may be music including a cantor but no congregational singing which may be a relief to some and a sadness to others!:)
  7. Readers and prayers leaders are welcome at all masses (we may be able to record these at home and broadcast in church).
  8. We will have no liturgical servers for the time being – although serving assistance in the behind the scenes serving tasks to enable worship is welcomed.
  9. Communion will be in one kind – administered at the normal point except for the 10:00 mass when it will be at the end out of “film shot”.
  10. The principles that already apply to our opening for personal prayer continue to apply and the notice is copied here.
  Protocols for “Open Church”

1. Adhere to best government practice and guidance on physical distancing and personal hygiene
2. Sanitiser and disinfection buckets are sited at the entrance and exit – however bring and use your own where possible.
3. Use West end doors as entrance and south aisle door as Exit.
4. Refrain from touching items unnecessarily
5. If you touch and use a “takeaway leaflet” please take it away
6. Light candles from the lit candle
7. Use your own pen or pencil if you wish to write a prayer
8. Cash may be left in the boxes at doors and candle stand (or in the baskets at services)
9. Use the only the red chairs in the church if you wish to sit.
10.   Adhere to best government practice and guidance on physical distancing and personal hygiene.